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” A cutting edge, responsive website, built to your specifications¬†“

Responsive Design

Responsive / Adaptive design is probably one of the most exciting changes in web design in recent times. As we all know, smartphones and tablets are becoming the device of choice for accessing the web. In the early days, you would view a website on your smart phone, pinch and zoom your way to the link you are looking for…all quite cumbersome. The difference with a responsive website is the layout changes so it’s optimised for the screen size you are viewing it on. So if you’re using a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop the user gets the best experience possible.

responsive monitorTablet ResponsiveResponsive Phone

The beauty of this is, you only need to build one website! No longer is there a need to have a costly separate mobile website. The same site (if coded well) should work on literally any screen size you want to optimise it for. This site is a good example of this, if you are on your desktop shrink the browser window and you will see that no matter what size the window is, the website optimises its layout to fit the resolution. If you go narrow enough, you will see the main navigation at the top of the page disappear and a button appear. This makes navigating around the site nice and easy on a mobile…give it a go!

Bespoke WordPress Themes

I specialise in developing bespoke, content managed websites in WordPress and other cms systems like CMS Made Simple. More and more people want to manage their own content and I use the most popular ones on the web. The main advantage is WordPress is heavily supported with regular security updates and a multitude of plugins for you to add and remove yourself, the amount of user friendly control that you get is pretty much unrivalled as modern CMS Systems go… and for your own long term security, you will never have trouble finding a web developer that knows how to use WordPress.

WordPress themesWooCommerce bespoke themesWordPress themes

WordPress is more than just a cms system, it’s the fastest growing and biggest cms community on the web. Its popularity and functionality has many advantages, and built correctly search engines love WordPress! If you have a blog that is regularly updated, and relevant content you are in a great position to get a good ranking.

I build bespoke, custom built themes for WordPress for a variety of purposes. If your looking for a business directory, a small scale eCommerce solution or a blog, WordPress can accommodate your needs with any design you might want.

eCommerce – Magento & WooCommerce

Magento eCommerce

If you are looking for an eCommerce website, Magento offers the most comprehensive eCommerce solution on the market. I can help you turn your idea into a money making reality.

WooCommerce eCommerce

Another great eCommerce solution is WooCommerce for WordPress. In more recent years, this little baby has started to pack a punch when it comes to eCommerce solutions. Its intuitive, completely open source like Magento, regularly security patched and, although not as complex, the core functionality now competes with magento. The main selling point for WooCommerce is not only that its a dream to work with for us developers, but its loved by clients for its ease of use, product control and beautiful reporting.

2015 is set to break all previous records for online sales…especially via a smartphone or tablet. 2014 statistics were pretty staggering for number of first time visits from a device. Keep up to date with the latest in coding techniques, and get people buying products on the move! A responsively developed site will optimise your page layout to fit to any device or desktop monitor.

Website MOT and SEO Healthcheck

Sometimes websites can be left to their own devices for far too long… Code depreciates, search engines change the rules and browsers stop supporting older code. Modernising your site to the latest web standards is essential to keeping your site functioning and performing to the best of its ability. Sites that don’t keep their site updated run the risk of losing their ranking and in worst case scenarios stop displaying correctly on newer browsers, and possibly on smart phones and tablets.

Have your website MOT’d to ensure there are no errors and bring in line to modern web standards.

Other services include optimising your site content and meta data to a desired keyword or phrase, setting up webmaster tools and regular on-site seo healthchecks. All of this has a positive effect on your search engine ranking.