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Vebra and Dezrez API – Bespoke WordPress Solution

2.Sep.2015 |

A recent freelance project has given me a chance to work with the Vebra and Dezrez API’s to create a custom built solution for a high profile estate agent based in North Somerset. Vebra and Dezrez are two of the UK’s leading software solutions for estate agents. They provide estate agencies with a comprehensive software solution to manage their sale and rental properties, including quick and easy templates for online property listings.

The online templates use a default structure that might not be as inspiring as your current site. Also, depending on the type of solution you go for, the properties can end up being listed “off-site”, which has less SEO benefit than if you had the properties listed directly on your own website.

Thankfully, both companies provide an API that allows you to import this property data directly onto your live website! This allows you to have complete creative freedom over your property listings layout and additionally gives you all the SEO benefit of “on-site” property listings. If you are looking for an eye-catching, unique design for your estate agency website, then the API option is definitely for you!

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